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Magrath Sheldrick Singapore provides immigration and employment solutions to businesses and private individuals from across the globe.

With our deep understanding of the immigration framework and wide network of professional and industry contacts, we offer our clients comprehensive and customised advice to complement their global mobility policies whilst also ensuring they maintain full compliance with the changing regulatory environment of the local jurisdiction.

Immigration Services

We create value for our clients through close relationships built on the back of industry acclaimed expertise. Whether you are a private individual or a major corporation, we have the experience, skills and intellectual strength to provide you with end-to-end immigration law solutions. 

We support businesses and individuals, both nationally and internationally, with a relentless commitment to client care and service excellence. 

Singapore Immigration 

With its vibrant economy, strong infrastructure and political stability, Singapore has established itself as a global business powerhouse, with companies keen to establish subsidiaries of their businesses here. 

Singapore’s immigration landscape is constantly evolving to suit the social and political climate of the nation. The criteria to obtain work passes are also consistently revised by the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) to suit the employment and market needs at any one time. 

Expatriates who have been in Singapore for more than a decade will recall that at one time, the minimum salary requirement to obtain the top-tier employment permit, known as the Employment Pass (EP) was a mere SGD 2,700 monthly. This was at a time where Singapore’s workforce was developing, and there needed to be a healthy population of foreign talent to inject flavour, competitiveness, and expertise to the market. Over the years, amidst growing citizenry dissatisfaction over the influx of foreign hires in Singapore and healthy professional growth within the local talent pool, the MoM responded by increasing the scrutiny around the work pass framework. This ensures that local candidates are given fair consideration for every job vacancy, and aims to stop the heavy reliance on foreign workforce especially for roles where there is no skills shortage within the local population. 

At Magrath Sheldrick Singapore, we navigate the complex and evolving immigration sphere on behalf of our clients to ensure their immigration program remains compliant and effective. On top of assisting clients with transactional work and permit applications, we are also able to curate solutions tailored to your internal protocols while managing complex immigration challenges. As a boutique firm, we are confident in our responsiveness and our commitment to delivering both accurate information and excellent support. 

Our Singapore office serves a wide variety of clients, with focus on technological industries and financial institutions. Over the years, we have assisted clients from a wide range of business models – from start-up to Fortune 500 companies, we remain dedicated to ensuring your hiring goals are met. 

Employment Solutions 

With the government enforcing penalties on errant employers who deviate from fair hiring and employment practices, companies must ensure they review and regularly audit their practices to align with the Tripartite Alliance of Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP)’s expectations. 

This is especially important in this day and age where a company’s employment practice has direct impact on its work pass privileges. 

From the recruitment process to termination of employment, we keep ourselves updated on TAFEP’s recommendations through strong ties with its officers. We ensure our clients are well-prepared for any employment dispute with strategic advice and solid recordkeeping. 

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