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Singapore – More Details on COMPASS Bonus Criteria Released

The Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) released additional details on the two bonus criteria that form part of the Complementarity Assessment (COMPASS) framework

Update on COMPASS Bonus Criteria

The Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) released additional details on the two bonus criteria that form part of the Complementarity Assessment (COMPASS) framework which will apply to new Employment Pass (EP) applications staring September this year.

The two bonus criteria that will help supplement the COMPASS score of EP candidates are:

Criterion 5 (C5): Skills Bonus

  • EP applicants whose occupations can be found in the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) can earn up to 20 bonus points on COMPASS. Only 10 points will be awarded if the EP applicant’s nationality forms one third (or higher) of the firm’s PMET[i]
  • There are currently 27 occupations listed which are to be reviewed by the relevant agencies every three years.
  • For EP applicants intending to utilize the bonus points from this criterion, MOM will conduct additional verification checks on the qualifications and past work experience of the candidate to ensure relevance to the declared occupation.
  • Approved EP applicants who claimed the additional points through C5 will be restricted to the declared occupation. Should they (or their employer) wish to move to a different role, a reassessment of their eligibility for an EP will have to be done.
  • Experienced tech professionals under the Infocomm occupations in the SOL may apply for a longer EP duration of 5 years, if they meet the eligibility requirements of having at least a monthly salary of S$10,500 (higher for older candidates) and a minimum of 10 points in the C3: Diversity criterion.

Criterion 6 (C6): Strategic Economic Priorities Bonus

  • EP applications can earn an additional 10 bonus points if their firm participates in any eligible programmes officially supported by the relevant economic agencies or NTUC.
  • The list of programs which aim to support the development of local workforce has been published here.

In addition to the two items above, the MOM also published the list of educational institutions considered as “top-tier” for the purposes of scoring points under the “C2: Qualifications” criterion of the COMPASS framework:

  • 20 points will be awarded to those who obtained ANY degree from any “Group A” institutions.
  • 20 points will be awarded to those who obtained degrees only from specific faculties under “Group B” institutions.

This will also have to align with the recently announced requirement to complete a verification of any educational qualification via a government-certified third-party screening agency.

From 01 September 2023, new EP applications must score at least 40 points to pass the COMPASS framework. This will also apply for EP renewals from 01 September 2024.


Individual Attributes Firm-related Attributes
Foundational Criteria C1. Salary
Fixed monthly salary compared to local PMET salaries in sector by age≥ 90th percentile: 20 points
65th to 90th percentile: 10 points
< 65th percentile: 0 points
C3. Diversity
Share of candidate’s nationality among firm’s PMETs< 5%: 20 points
5 to 25%: 10 points
≥ 25%: 0 points
C2. Qualifications
Based on candidate’s qualificationsTop-tier institution: 20 points
Degree-equivalent qualification: 10 points
No degree-equivalent qualification: 0 points
C4. Support for local employment
Firm’s share of local PMETs within its subsector≥ 50th percentile: 20 points
20th to 50th percentile:10 points
< 20th percentile: 0 point
Bonus Criteria C5. Skills bonus (Shortage Occupation List)
If the role is on SOL20 points (reduced to 10 points if the candidate’s nationality forms 1/3 or higher of the employer’s PMETs)
C6. Strategic economic priorities bonus
If the employer meets specific assessment criteria on innovation, or internationalisation activities
10 points


For more information and updates, please refer to the official press release through the Ministry of Manpower’s website and Magrath Sheldrick Global’s news alerts.


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[i] Professional, Management, Executive, Technical Occupations

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