Immigration Articles Date
Brexit - The Meaningful Vote  January 2019 
British Citizens in Europe  January 2019 
EU Settlement Scheme  January 2019 
Immigration Health Surcharge Increase  January 2019 
No-Deal Brexit Immigration Policy  January 2019 
Post-Brexit Immigration Policy White Paper Published  December 2018 
Migration Advisory Committee - EEA Migration in the UK: Final Report Published  September 2018 
EU Settlement Scheme  June 2018 
Statement of Changes to the UK Immigration Rules – June 2018  June 2018 
Extension of Pilot Scheme For International Students – INSIGHT  May 2018 
Net Migration Figures – INSIGHT  May 2018 
Tier 2 (General) – Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship  April 2018 
Migration Advisory Committee  March 2018 
Home Affairs Select Committee Report on “Home Office Delivery of Brexit: Immigration”  February 2018 
Immigration Health Surcharge set to Double  February 2018 
Adjustment of the Employment Pass Salary Criteria  January 2018 
Future UK Immigration Policy - What can we Expect in 2018  January 2018 
Human Capital Partnership Programme  January 2018 
Raising the Bar and Building a Strong Local Core Workforce in Singapore  January 2018 
Tier 2 (General) – Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship. Demand Continues to Exceed Supply in January 2018  January 2018 
Calling Exceptional Talent – INSIGHT  December 2017 
Immigration Rule Changes  December 2017 
New Online Citizenship Trial – INSIGHT  December 2017 
Tier 2 (General) – Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship – Demand Exceeds Supply in December 2017  December 2017 
UK Government Issues “Technical Note” on Citizens Rights and Administrative Procedures Post-Brexit  November 2017 
Family Visa Applications – An Update On Sources Of Income – INSIGHT  October 2017 
Home Office ‘Post-Brexit’ Immigration Inquiry Launched  October 2017 
Magrath Sheldrick LLP Again Named as Top Tier Firm in Legal 500  October 2017 
New Proposal: Europeans Visitors Permitted To Travel To The UK Without A Visa – Insight  October 2017 
Immigration Skills Charge Likely To Double By 2022 – INSIGHT  August 2017 
Migration Advisory Committee – Call for Evidence  August 2017 
Reduction In Net Migration Figures – INSIGHT  August 2017 
European Union (Withdrawal) Bill  July 2017 
Migration Advisory Committee Commission To Review UK Labour Market  July 2017 
Brexit – The Offer to EU Nationals  June 2017 
Changes to UK Immigration Rules April 2017  March 2017 
Update on US Travel Ban  February 2017 
Brexit News  January 2017 
Trump Administration Executive Order on US Immigration  January 2017 
Changes to UK Immigration Rules Announced  November 2016 
Home Secretary Commits to Further Immigration Reform  October 2016 
Brexit – The Immigration Implications  May 2016 
Home Office response to the Migration Advisory Committee’s review of Tier 2  March 2016 
MAC recommends tighter controls on non-EU skilled workers  January 2016 
Appointment of Debra Durnford to Magrath Global (Singapore)  October 2015 
Temporary relief for overseas nurses  October 2015 
The 16th Annual Business Awards  September 2015 
Migration Advisory Committee Report on Tier 2 Salary Thresholds  August 2015 
Overseas Criminal Record Certificates – New Requirement for Tier 1 (Investor) and Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Applicants  August 2015 
Government plans to tighten Tier 2 migration policy  June 2015 
Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship – Monthly Quota Reached for the First Time  June 2015 
Biometric Residence Permits For NON-EEA Nationals Applying From Outside The UK - A Further Update  March 2015 
Introduction of a UK Immigration health surcharge from 6 April 2015  March 2015 
Biometric Residence Permits For NON-EEA Nationals Applying From Outside The UK – An Update  February 2015 
Statement of Changes to the UK Immigration Rules  October 2014 
Special Briefing: Fair Consideration Framework  June 2014 
Updates on the prevention of illegal working in the UK and avoiding discrimination  May 2014 
Tier 1 (Investor) Route Report Issued by the Migration Advisory Committee  February 2014 
Tier 2 Sponsors – Renewal of Annual Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship Allocations  February 2014 
UK Electronic Visa Waiver introduced for Oman, Qatar and UAE  January 2014 
Malta introduces an “Individual Investor Programme” for high net worth applicants  November 2013 
New Home Office invitation only visa service for top business executives  November 2013 
Home Office puts in place “Registered Travellers” scheme to provide expedited passport control procedure for regular visitors to the UK  October 2013 
Immigration Bill – October 2013  October 2013 
New guidelines governing duration of stay within the Schengen Area  October 2013 
Ministry of Manpower announces the introduction of a Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) for Singapore  September 2013 
Statement of Changes – September 2013  September 2013 
Controlling Immigration - Regulating Migrant Access to Health Services in the UK  July 2013 
Croatia Joins the EU  July 2013 
Magrath Global nominated for Immigration Provider of the Year  July 2013 
MM & Ors v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2013] EWHC 1900  July 2013 
Prevention of Illegal Working – Easier Document Checks but Tougher Penalties Ahead for Employers  July 2013 
Tackling illegal immigration in privately rented accommodation  July 2013 
Home Office launches super priority service in India  May 2013 
Queen’s Speech 8 May 2013  May 2013 
H1B CAP REACHED FOR FISCAL YEAR 2014 – Highlights the Urgent Need for Immigration Reform  April 2013 
UK Immigration Seminar  April 2013 
Deputy Prime Minster backs “security bonds” as he sets out immigration policy review  March 2013 
Home Office Statement of Intent: Codes of Practice for skilled workers  March 2013 
TB Tests in India – children  March 2013 
Increased Fees for Immigration and Nationality Applications – 25 February 2013  February 2013 
Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) report Shortage Occupation List to be further reduced  February 2013 
Super Priority Service in India  February 2013 
UK Border Agency – Changes announced 30 January 2013  February 2013 
UK Border Agency news  February 2013 
UK Visa Super Priority Service for India  February 2013 
US Immigration Reforms  February 2013 
Changes to the Life in the UK Test for Settlement and Citizenship  January 2013 
Marriage and Civil Partnership – The UKBA Approach  January 2013 
Chris Magrath, Senior Partner at Magrath LLP talks to the voice of Russia  December 2012 
Changes to the Points Based System  November 2012 
The Crime and Courts Bill  November 2012 
Youth Mobility Scheme  November 2012 
Croatia to join EU in 2013  October 2012 
Registering with the Police – Overseas Records Office  October 2012 
UK Border Agency Reveals Service Standard Statistics  October 2012 
Alvi and The Immigration Rules  September 2012 
Extending your visa on the basis of family or private life  September 2012 
Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) – Further Changes  September 2012 
Exceptional Talent Visa Route. Is the UK really open for business?  August 2012 
Timetable for rollout of pre-entry tuberculosis testing in India announced  August 2012 
Supreme Court Judgement On PBS Policy  July 2012 
Premium Customer Service for Sponsors Further Update  May 2012 
Tier 1 Investor Update  May 2012 
Premium Customer Service for Sponsors  April 2012 
UKBA Statement of Intent  March 2012 
Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs)  December 2011 
Carers of British Citizens  September 2011 
Allocation Of Certificates Of Sponsorship For 2011/2012  March 2011 
Changes To Settlement Applications  March 2011 
Changes To Student Visa System  March 2011 
Changes To Tier 1 Of The Points Based System  March 2011 
Closure Of Worker Registration Scheme  March 2011 
Tier 1 (Post Study Work)  March 2011 
Tier 2 Of The Points Based System  February 2011 
Closure of Tier 1 and Further Confirmation of Tier 2 Interim Limit  December 2010 
Consultation Published in respect of Student Immigration  December 2010 
Interim Immigration Caps Declared Unlawful  December 2010 
Further Information Released in Respect of Annual Limits  November 2010 
Immigration Update - If the Cap Fits  November 2010 
MAC Recommendations on Annual Immigration Limits Published Today  November 2010 
Migration Advisory Committee to report on Permanent Limits for Tiers 1 and 2  November 2010 
New English Language Requirements for Family Members  November 2010 
The first annual limit for non-EEA workers announced today  November 2010 
Top Ranking for Magrath UK Business Immigration Group  November 2010 
Immigration Update  October 2010 
UK Immigration: A Changing Tide  September 2010 
Changes in Indian, Russian and Australian Visas  July 2010 
Limits On Non-EU Economic Migration  June 2010 
Conflict of Rights  January 2010 
Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) - Recommendations In Respect of Tier 1 Points Based System  December 2009 
Introducing fingerprint checks at UK Border  November 2009 
Transitional Arrangements for Earned Citizenship  September 2009 
Earning the right to stay  August 2009 
Knowledge of Life in the United Kingdom   March 2009 
Premium Customer Service for Sponsors Further Update