Who needs an Entry Visa?

Nationals of many countries are eligible to enter Japan without a visa, unless the purpose of the visit is to reside in Japan, to obtain employment or to otherwise engage in remunerative activities.

67 countries fall into the exemption category, details of which can be found below:


Application Process

An application is made at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s home country.

Processing times

The time lapse between the visa application and issuing of the visa is normally approximately 5 working days, provided there are no problems with the content of the application.

Work or Long Term Stay

If the purpose of the trip is to work or for a long- term stay, a Certificate of Eligibility should be submitted with the application. If a Certificate of Eligibility is not submitted, processing the visa will be delayed and may take between one and three months.

Other Visa types

  • Working visa this covers a broad range of employment.
  • General visa including cultural activities, students, training and family stays.
  • Specified visa including spouses, long- term residents, and designated activities.
  • Diplomatic visa.
  • Official visa.


Visas are valid for entering Japan on one occasion only. The period of validity of the visa is three months calculated from the day after the date of issue.

Multiple- entry visas can be issued to business travellers etc, with a period of validity from one to five years, and these visas can be used on any number of occasions during the period of validity.

There is a double- entry visa for transit, which is valid for four months.


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