Tier 1 Investor Update

The UK Border Agency has clarified an existing requirement for holders of the Tier 1 Investor immigration category in its most recent published Tier 1 Investor Policy Guidance.

All current holders of Tier 1 Investor immigration status must report a change of circumstance to the UKBA. Please note that the reporting of changes requirement varies depending on whether you hold an entry-clearance endorsement in your passport or hold a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). We set out the requirements below:

Holders of Tier 1 Investor visa passport endorsement

The following changes must be reported to the UKBA:

  • Change of contact details;
  • Details of any new criminal convictions;
  • Change of representative details;
  • Change in dependants details.

Passports are not required to be submitted with the Change of Circumstances application and there is no application fee.

The Tier 1 Investor Policy Guidance does not specify a deadline or timeline for submission of the application. However we recommend that a Change of Circumstances form be submitted as soon as the change occurs in order to comply with UKBA requirements.

Holders of Tier 1 Investor Biometric Residence Permit (“BRP”)

Holders of a BRP card will be required to apply for a new BRP card if there are the following changes to their circumstances:

  • Change of name;
  • Change of date of birth;
  • Change of nationality;
  • Change of gender;
  • Obvious change of appearance

The application must be made within 3 months of the change of circumstance or the individual may face a financial penalty of up to £1000/have permission curtailed. The application fee is £37.

If you make an application for a new BRP card, your passport must be submitted and you will be required to attend an appointment to resubmit your biometric information. This can be done at a Post Office which offers the service.

These reporting requirements are in addition to the requirements for applying for a new BRP card if your BRP card is lost, stolen or defaced.