Registering with the Police – Overseas Records Office

The following is a message from the Metropolitan Police:

“As of Monday 8th October 2012 overseas visitors to London who are required to register with the police will now have the following options:

Option 1. Applicants can attend the Overseas Visitors Records Office (“OVRO”) office where they either hand in the downloaded completed registration form or complete the form on site. This will be date stamped to prove receipt. A copy will be retained by OVRO and a covering letter accompanying the completed stamped form provided to attendee. This proves compliance with the legal/visa requirement. The applicant will then be required to attend OVRO in person anytime before the end of December 2012 to finalise the registration process. Applicants may choose whether to select option 1 or remain in the queue and register.

Option 2. The revised process has been widened to allow individual universities to take a co-ordinating role if preferred. Please seek advice from your university, however you will still be required to attend OVRO in person to finalise registration any time prior to 31st December 2012″.