Migration Advisory Committee – Call for Evidence

Following the Home Secretary’s commission to the Migration Advisory Committee (“MAC”) of 27th July, the MAC has now published a Call For Evidence to all employers and stakeholders with an interest in the construction of the UK’s post-Brexit immigration system.


The Government has commissioned the MAC to provide evidence based advice on the economic and social impacts of the UK’s exit from the European Union and as well as how the UK’s immigration system should be aligned with a modern industrial strategy. This represents the MAC’s most complex and far-reaching mandate since its inception in 2007.

The Call

The MAC seeks views and evidence from anyone with relevant knowledge, expertise or experience to help inform their response. Given that most employers, sectors and regions fall under this description – with significant concerns about access to skills, talent and labour prevailing generally – the committee may receive an avalanche of responses.


The MAC has asked to receive responses by 27 October 2017. In turn they have been asked to report to the Government by September 2018, although they are also encouraged to issue interim reports if possible. With the two year notice period provided by Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty due to expire in March 2019, with a possible cliff-edge departure from the EU as a worst case scenario at that time, the Government is leaving very little space to develop, implement and legislate for a new legal architecture for immigration control. They are likely therefore to implement a two year transitional period consisting of temporary arrangements prior to the launch of new immigration policies and procedures in 2021.

 The Questions

The MAC has set out a broad range of questions across three specific areas:

EEA Migration Trends

Recruitment Practices, Training & Skills

Economic, Social and Fiscal Impacts

A full list of the questions can be found here:


Briefing Note

Accompanying the Call For Evidence is a briefing note setting out some preliminary analysis of the UK labour market and other countries’ migration systems. This is designed to assist participants in developing the framework for their responses.


Brexit will constitute the most significant challenge to the British economy and resident labour market in a generation. It will also result in a comprehensive restructuring of the UK’s immigration laws, systems and policies. For those with an interest in the outcome it is imperative to be involved in the discussion and to feed relevant evidence to the MAC in response to their Call for Evidence.

How we can help

Magrath LLP will engage extensively with our clients and contacts to facilitate their responses to the MAC. We will shortly be publishing more information regarding the many ways in which we will work to achieve this.