Knowledge of Life in the United Kingdom

March 2009

Applicants for settlement (Indefinite Leave to Remain), in certain categories require individuals to demonstrate that the knowledge of life in the UK (KOL) requirement has been met, before settlement can be granted. Until recently settlement applications that meet all of the relevant requirements except KOL have been automatically considered for a grant of limited leave to remain in the same category (an extension of stay). The difference in fee between a settlement application and the cost of extension of stay is refunded.

From 31st March 2009 this arrangement has come to an end. Settlement applications submitted on or after this date in categories requiring KOL that do not meet the condition will be refused. Applicants will not have their fee refunded.

People will still be able to extend their stay if they do not meet the KOL requirement when their leave come to an end. However, from 31st March 2009 they are required to ensure that they apply specifically for limited leave on the relevant application form, rather than submitting a settlement application.

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