Human Capital Partnership Programme

The flagship Human Capital Partnership Programme is a tripartite initiative designed to recognize and reward  companies who excel in three key objectives: the strength of its Singaporean core workforce, the strength of ‘complementarity’ between foreign and local foreign employees and a demonstrated skills transfer from foreign to local employees to enhance capabilities. This aligns with the Government’s wider commitment to assist Human Capital development in Singapore in recognition of the role it plays in facilitating better jobs, salaries and longer term careers and the resulting longer term benefit to the growth of the economy. Companies are encouraged to invite an assessment of its good practices and human capital development plans, and those awarded the prestigious status of HCP Partner will enjoy a number of benefits including a faster response to MOM transactions, recognition of their endorsement and better access to Government resources. The message therefore remains clear that a two way dialogue between Government and businesses will continue to be encouraged in the pursuit of raising the bar on these core strengths and foreign manpower policy must inevitably adapt to this longer term strategy.