Closure Of Worker Registration Scheme

10th March 2011

The Immigration Minister has today announced that the Worker Registration Scheme (WRS) will close on 30 April 2011.

WRS is a transitional scheme which was introduced in 2004 when eight countries joined the European Union. Known as “A8 countries” they are:-

Czech Republic


Individuals from these countries are required to register under the scheme if they commence employment in the UK. Under the terms of the Treaty of Accession, the UK cannot apply transitional restrictions on A8 national’s access to the labour market for more than seven years.

From the end of April onwards A8 nationals will be able to access the labour market on the same terms as other EU citizens. Work seekers will also enjoy the same entitlements to out of work benefits as other EU nationals. It should be noted that the restrictions that apply to Bulgarians and Romanians (who joined the European Union later) still apply and citizens from these countries must obtain work authorisation and follow the correct registration procedures.

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