Changes to the Life in the UK Test for Settlement and Citizenship

This week, HMSO published an updated Life in the UK handbook, ahead of the new test which will be introduced on 25 March 2013. Readers will be aware that it is already a requirement that those applying for permanent residence in the UK or naturalisation as a British citizen firstly pass the Life in the UK test.

The new handbook has been updated to provide “the reader with a more accurate reflection of life in the UK” and there is now more of a focus on British culture and lifestyle.

We have received confirmation from the UKBA that individuals who have completed the old style test before 25 March 2013 are not required to retake the test if they submit an application for settlement or citizenship after 25 March 2013.

More than 150,000 Life in the UK tests were taken nationally last year, including 77,000 in London. The cost of the handbook has increased to £12.99 although the fee to take the test remains the same at £50.