Brexit – The Immigration Implications

As the campaigning continues for the forthcoming Referendum on whether the UK should leave the EU, immigration (and it appears its links with NationalSecurity) is one of the central topics in the debates.

Aside from the headline grabbing National Security Concerns (“Brexit could trigger World War Three warns David Cameron” in the Mirror 10 May 2016 was particularly special), in particular focus has been the UK’s immigration policy, the consequences of high net migration and the impact of the EU’s Freedom of Movement provisions. Boris Johnson has accused David Cameron of “corroding” public trust over immigration targets, and it could be argued that the political impetus to hold the referendum at all was driven by public concern over high net migration figures. Indeed, David Cameron’s efforts at securing a freeze on in-work benefits for EU nationals was intended as a deterrent to EU migration and to help reduce net migration in the UK (currently running at over 300,000 per year, with around half from the EU).

The Immigration team have written a detailed article outlining some of the key discussion points and implications that this could have on the UK.  For a full copy of the document, please click on the link to download a copy in PDF – Brexit – The Immigration Implication