Adjustment of the Employment Pass Salary Criteria

The minimum monthly salary for an Employment Pass application rose to S$3,600 in January  2017. This was in line with the gradual tightening of criteria in recent years calibrated against rising median wages for locals at the Professional Managerial Executive and Technical level (‘PMET’). However it remains the case that the salary threshold is assessed in the context of the overall application profile, and in reality an individual applicant’s basic salary may need to be considerably higher commensurate, for example, with their age and stated experience. With effect from 1st January 2018 the minimum monthly salary eligible to sponsor family members on a Dependant Pass increased to S$6,000, and a minimum salary of S$12,000 is now required to sponsor parents on a Long Term Visit Pass. These revisions apply to new Employment Pass applications only and will not be applied to the renewal of existing relevant passes.